Welcome to your Centralized Supply Order Desk!

Email has its place, but in procurement isn’t one of them! If you are still managing all your procurement through emails spanning across possibly several employees, you are leaving productivity on the table! Emails get buried, employees leave, and their contacts go with them, or sometimes emails simply just get ‘lost’.

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A better and more productive way to manage your procurement needs!

Use HUB Desk to:


Respond Directly to:

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Sourcing Inquiries


Purchase Orders






Order Management:

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See all your orders & their status


Who submitted the orders


If it has been accepted or declined


Add attachments


And Much More!

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Contact your customers related to specific inquiries


Add other people in your company to edit or view inquiries


Communications are all in one place for you to see their status


Filter inquiries by person, company etc.


All within Procurement HUB!

With our Premium Service Module – HUB Desk – inquiries and requests can be stored and dealt with in one place, so any employee you authorize can communicate with your customers in an organized central location.

Interested in new business as well? The Buyers that invited you into the HUB aren’t the only ones who can contact you with inquiries through HUB Desk. Companies across the HUB can see the services and supplies you have to offer and send you requests.

Premium Service Module $$

HUB Desk is a paid Premium Service Module within Procurement HUB. Without HUB Desk, you will still be able to receive and respond to requests through email, but you won’t have access to the power of HUB Desk to keep them organized and centralized. HUB Desk makes the process straightforward and easier with all your data in one spot.

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If you want to utilize the full power of Procurement HUB, add HUB Desk to your service package today!

Unfortunately COVID has set us back a bit in getting our shopping cart up and running.

In the meantime, please fill out our enrollment form by clicking on the button below and we will be in touch to get you set up!

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